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If you're applying, or thinking about applying, feel free to contact our leadership or veteran members to ask questions. The following is a list.

Scyn Sovereign
Rank: Guild Leader

Rydia Meridian
Rank: Council

Avora Dargeren
Rank: Council

Radzkie Lovecraft
Rank: Specialist

Ineptra Cyfnos
Rank: Veteran

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Shambling, shuddering as they find their way out of the dark and into the light.

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Basic Q&A

Question 1: What type of FC are you?
Answer 1: A small, tight-knit FC. Many of our members are midcore, with a solid core forming one raid group that progresses on current content.

Question 2: What server is your FC on?
Answer 2: Gilgamesh(NA)

Question 3: Do you have a raid group I can join?
Short Answer 3: No.
Long Answer 3: Not at this time. With enough interest and time, another group may be formed.

Question 4: Does your FC help members clear hard content, like EX primals?
Answer 4: Yes. Our members are often willing to assist with more difficult group content as well as older content, such as Coil.

Question 5: Will I be able to use housing features, like the garden or stables? Can I decorate the FC house?
Short answer 5: After a brief probationary period, all new members will be able to, within reason, enjoy use of the FC house. Decorating the FC house is a group activity, so we try to keep things fair for everyone.
NOTE: We are currently in the market for a large house. We are either waiting for a large house to open up or for new wards to be added.

Question 6: Does your FC have proficient crafters?
Answer 6: Yes! Some of our members treat raiding and crafting with the same level of dedication.

Question 7: What voice chat do you use?
Answer 7: Team Speak.

Question 8: If I have additional questions who do I contact?
Answer 8: For more information, please send a /tell to any of our leadership or veteran members in-game. Take a look at our list. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Shambling, shuddering as they find their way out of the dark and into the light.
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